Power Technology


Tenergy is an industry leader in lithium- and nickel-based battery technologies.  Our combination of stock products, custom design, and rapid product development enables Tenergy to provide unparalleled speed to market and a competitive edge for our customers.  We create off-the-shelf, custom, and turn-key battery solutions that meet unique requirements for cost, performance, reliability, space envelope, weight and / or time-to-market. 



Tenergy is an industry leader in charger technology.  Tenergy offers a wide selection of chargers for rechargeable batteries and packs.  We build off-the-shelf as well as custom charger solutions for NIMH, NICD, Li-Ion and LiFePO4 batteries and packs.  Our innovative products and designs deliver everything you need to get to market sooner – with a competitive edge.


Power Components

Tenergy is an leader in providing Power components.  

Tenergy Power Supplies / Rectifiers: Tenergy provides an array of custom power supplies designed to meet your precise needs and requirements.  Tenergy has experience providing regular power supplies, LED power supplies and other specialty power supplies.


Power Design

Tenergy Corporation is a total mobile power solution provider.  Tenergy Corporation serves its large customer base with technical strength, innovative products, cost effective manufacturing, sophisticated quality control, and knowledgeable customer service. We work closely with our clients in a wide spectrum of industries and for various application needs. With our global technology and service center in Silicon Valley, California and volume manufacturing in China, we offer superior turn-key power solutions for NiMH, Li-Ion, Li-Polymer and NiCd applications.  From prototype to volume production, we respond to customer needs efficiently and precisely.  Today, Tenergy Corporation is a premier supplier in the rechargeable battery market recognized by retail, wholesale, industrial, communication, medical, military and special applications customers.



Lithium-based Battery Pack Accreditations, Regulatory Standards & Industry Links
Accreditation Agencies
Below is additional information on many of the existing industry standards.  Below is a listing of accreditation agencies that establish standards and certifications for lithium-based battery packs.
UL2054: Underwriters Laboratories Scope for Standard for Household and Commercial Batteries
Portable Primary (non-rechargeable) and Secondary (rechargeable) batteries for use as power sources in products:


Protection Circuit Module

Tenergy is an industry leader in Protection Circuit Modules.  As a total power solution provider, Tenergy provides both off-the-shelf and custom Protection Circuit Modules (PCM) and Battery Management Systems (BMS).  Tenergy provides layout, fabrication, and back-end PCB Assembly (PCBA) solutions and services.   To ensure your new product development is as smooth as possible, Tenergy will work with you in every step of the development phase.  By having one . on partner who can provide both battery and battery charger solutions, you are guaranteeing optimal performance in both deployment and operation.