Protection Circuit Module

Tenergy is an industry leader in Protection Circuit Modules.  As a total power solution provider, Tenergy provides both off-the-shelf and custom Protection Circuit Modules (PCM) and Battery Management Systems (BMS).  Tenergy provides layout, fabrication, and back-end PCB Assembly (PCBA) solutions and services.   To ensure your new product development is as smooth as possible, Tenergy will work with you in every step of the development phase.  By having one . on partner who can provide both battery and battery charger solutions, you are guaranteeing optimal performance in both deployment and operation.

In addition to the Protection Circuit Modules the Tenergy Battery Management System (BMS) has the ability to monitor and report various states of the battery, including: voltages, current, temperatures, State Of Charge (SOC), Depth Of Discharge (DOD), and State Of Health (SOH).