Tenergy is an industry leader in lithium and nickel-based battery technologies.  Our combination of stock products, custom design, and rapid product development enables Tenergy to provide unparalleled speed to market and a competitive edge for our customers.  We create off-the-shelf, custom, and turn-key battery solutions that meet unique requirements for cost, performance, reliability, space envelope, weight and / or time-to-market. 

Our expert staff combines proficiency, practical knowledge and years of industry experience to deliver quality battery designs that work.  We view batteries as an enabling technology, and strive to make our designs maximize your product’s marketplace competitiveness.  Whether it be value, performance, ruggedness or “smart” battery features; whether it be retail, wholesale, industrial, communication, medical, military or other special application, Tenergy is a partner who will work with you to provide the ideal battery (or pack) solution.